This page is dedicated to the women in our lives that go above and beyond to make what seems  impossible possible. We all go through our struggles and there will always be times we will fall on the road to success. But the question is… what will you do once that time comes, Will u give up or will u keep fighting  for what u believe in? A Diva will never stop fighting, that is why she is called a Diva. So with that being said we would like to show our appreciation to all the women who put in the work to acquire whatever it is they desire. No matter if you work a 9 to 5 or own a business its still an honest hustle, and we all know a Diva is a true hustler. This page will be updated daily so stay posted.

Talita McCain

Miss Talita McCain, this Diva has been about her hustle for a while. She owns a club in Salisbury NC called Exclusive Lounge, and we’er happy to say its making quite a name for it’s self . So we at Primeslist would like to say we’er proud of you and never stop doin your thing,  you are truly a woman theses young ladies should want to be like.

Tara Griffin

Miss Tara Griffin, if she is not the definition of Diva then we don’t know who is. She has went from sub-contracting with cleaning services to forming her own residential/commercial cleaning company called Squeaky Klean Janitorial Specialist. What ells can we say,the woman has hustler writing all over her, so all you young ladies take notes.

Jasmine Suber

Better known as Princess Jasmine, and like she said “if u know me then u know what i do”.So for all of you who may not know her allow us to drop some knowledge.This 25 year young hottie has kept a job since we can remember.Working at Cookout Restaurant in Salisbury NC, and has been there for a nice long while. This diva is well known to stay on her job at all times, and for that we raise our glasses to u.

Alma Ford

Miss Alma Ford, now this Diva doin her thing . I’m sure  many of you may know her from school,or old friends etc. but if you’ve been wondering where she has been for the last five years check out her stats. Alma has relocated to V.A. and has become an licensed professional banker (loan officer) at  Suntrust Bank,yea  shes the person you have to see when u need financing for that new house.She also does financial planning,retirement planning, and investments. So as you can see this Diva is at the top of her game and we’re all so proud of her. Cheers

Rashida Bush

We are so proud to say that Miss Rashida Bush has been making her mark in the business world for a while now. She has her hands in quite a few things, and has  no plans on stopping  anytime soon.Rashida lives in Florida working as a Leasing Consultant ( renting out apartment units) and making a killing doing so.She also has this years highest physical occupancy in the company, dubbed one of the top leasing consultants in the Coastal region.She is a true Diva at heart, take notes.