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Ok,it doesn’t take a rocket-scientist nor an Einstein-like brain to conclude that most relationships are friggin’ BORING!!More monotonous and bland than a carton of plain-white rice from Shing-Wang’s Chinese restaurant in Lower Manhattan.

Likewise,my current ‘on & off’ relationship has sucked 75% of the time(decent percentage; considering others don’t even try to liven it up).Tired of the bullshit,weeks ago,I pondered some cool stuff I can try to re-animate my sex life.Tho im very single at the moment “Ladies” im sure you will give me 5 stars for being so creative and thinking with both heads instead of my You just mite brag about it to your friends or co-workers, be sure to tell em where u heard it first Dontay S. aka Adonis.

                                                  “Fantasy-Raffle Sex Game”


[Both parties must contribute and participate to keep it interesting for both]:

You’ll need:
*Sheet of paper
*hat,box,bag or plastic

1.)On 10 small pieces of paper[5 for the guy,5 for the gal],jot down 5 sexual actions or fantasies you’d want the other to perform on you. It makes it more spicy if the person doesn’t normally perform such acts.

Example:facials,eating out,swallowing,blowjob,public sex,elevator sex,blowjob with ice cream…

2.)Feel free to inform the other person of the acts that you’d written down(so it doesn’t push the comfort limit too far).But it’s even 10 times more exhilarating to keep it a secret.

3.)Ok,crumble(individually)all 10 pieces of paper and toss those shit in a bag,hat,frying pan,whatever LOL!Shake it up,then 1 person picks out a paper.[Who gets to dip and pick first doesn’t matter].

4.)Whichever of the 10 acts gets picked,the other person has to perform it or partake in it[eat it until she orgasms twice,sneaky sex at grandma’s house…]

*And to keep it spontaneous as it should be,only do the withdrawal(picking) when it’s about that time for sex,and both parties are horny.

*It kills the spontaneity if yall were to know 2 days prior,that “Jim has to go down on Sandy with the cheese cake”.So only do the raffle picking when yall are actually in the mood for sex.

[Either toss away the acts which were fulfilled,or keep them(papers) if wish to resume after the 10 acts were eventually completed a few weeks down the line].