Madonna, “MDNA.” Madonna is back.
That’s the simplest summary of “MDNA,” the 12th album from the 53-year-old Material Girl, which is available Monday. She spends about half the release referring to her divorce with Guy Ritchie, opening up to create her most personal, revealing set of songs ever.

“Love Spent” wonders where the love went and makes reference to the millions Ritchie received in the divorce. The insistent “I wish I could take you back” ballad “I (expletive) Up” and the rattling “Best Friend” from The “Deluxe Explicit Album” are the most direct of those songs.

But the semi-rap “I Don’t Give a (featuring Nicki Minaj)” includes this little couplet, “I tried to be a good girl/I tried to be your wife/Diminished myself,” as it re-establishes Madonna as a strong woman with a head for business, music and love.

And the dark techno “Gang Bang” is…

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