If you have been watching VH1‘s reality scripted-show Love & Hip-Hop, then you know what’s going on. Yandy Smith is one of my favorite cast members because we’re both in the music industry and are music managers. So I know about the struggles and hardships she faces. Some people labeled Smith a troublemaker because she was caught between two fights (Chrissy vs. Kimbella and Kimbella vs. Erica Mena). I DON’T feel that way! I truly believe that the show is scripted and the fights were staged. Smith is proclaiming her innocence and tells The YBF, she was just as blindsided as everybody else. And the producers controlled who she brought around the rest of the cast and set up the scenario which would very likely cause a fight. Below are some excerpts:

Now you have been the common denominator between both fights involving Kimbella and other cast members.  What’s up with that and why do you…

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