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Rihanna’s “LOUD” concert was the highest grossing Hip-Hop/R&B tour for the 2011 year, taking in over $90 million dollars. Come inside to find out how tours from Usher, Sade, and Kanye West/Jay-Z fared inside…..

According to POLLSTAR, which is well known for ranking the Top 25 Worldwide Tours for 2011, Rihanna is the Queen of the R&B Pack with $90M in ticket sales. She wrapped up another tour and went on her LOUD tour for 6 months all this year.

U2 was the #1 grossing act with $231M and youngin’ Taylor Swift grossed over $104M. While these aren’t the amounts the celebs get to take home themselves, they definitely get a hefty chunk of it after their crews, management and third party promo companies are all paid.

Sade brought in $83 million dollars, followed by Usher with $59M and The Throne (which only toured a little over 2 months) with…

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